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D.A. Hogan Urges Governor Rockefeller to Stay Execution of "Capeman"

Jan. 31, 1962 - In an unexpected move, New York District Attorney Frank S. Hogan appealed to Governor Rockefeller today to spare the life of Salvatore Agron (pictured), the 18-year-old youth awaiting execution in Sing Sing. Agron, known sometimes as the Cape Man or Dracula because he wore a red-lined nurse’s cape, was convicted in the gang killing two years ago of two 16-year-old boys in a West Side Manhattan playground. The youth’s two lawyers asked that the death sentence to life imprisonment. Unless the Governor commutes the death sentence, Agron will die in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison in the week of Feb. 12. Agron, who was 16 years old at the time of the killing, was convicted as the youth who had inflicted fatal wounds, using a 12-inch, silver-mounted Mexican dagger. When he was arrested, Agron was quoted as having said: “I don’t care if I burn. My mother could watch me.” His fate is now in Governor Rockefeller’s hands.

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