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Cuba to Erect Monument to Hemingway

July 22, 1961 - Cuba is going to erect a monument to Ernest Hemingway (pictured meeting Fidel Castro at a Havana fishing tournament in May 1960), the novelist's widow said today. Mrs. Mary Hemingway made the disclosure at Miami International Airport on her way to Cuba from Ketchum, Idaho. "I don't know whether the monument will be a statue, a library or a shrine," she said. Newsmen asked Mrs. Hemingway whether she planned to pick up a Hemingway manuscript said to be in a Cuban bank vault. "No," she said. "I am going at the extremely courteous request of Premier Castro's Government. An official telephoned me at Ketchum and said they desired to offer a 'monumento' in Ernest's memory. If there are any of Ernest's possessions lying around I would know about it. I'm the executrix." Mr. Hemingway, a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner for literature, was killed by a self-inflicted shotgun blast at his home in Ketchum on July 2. He lived in Cuba for a number of years.


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