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Cronkite to Replace Douglas Edwards on CBS Early Evening News

Mar. 14, 1962 - Walter Cronkite, television news correspondent, will replace Douglas Edwards on CBS’s early evening news program starting on April 16. The 15-minute program is televised in New York at 7:15 p.m. Mondays thru Fridays. Mr. Edwards, who has appeared on the news program since it began 13 years ago, joined CBS in 1943 as a staff announcer and later moved into the news field. Mr. Cronkite, a former reporter for The United Press, joined CBS in 1952 to cover the national political conventions. Since then, he has played a growing role on CBS news and public affairs programs. In addition to his correspondent’s role on the program, Mr. Cronkite will be designated managing editor. He will be largely responsible for the selection of news items to be presented and will have a hand in the actual writing.


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