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Crew of Destroyer "Remey" Get Respite from "Cold War"

Feb. 21, 1962 - The U.S. destroyer Remey (pictured) sailed into port in New York today for a week’s respite from service in the “cold war.” Her crew members, largely reservists from the metropolitan area, were happy to be home. Many of them indicated that their experience abroad had convinced them that their personal sacrifices were worthwhile. “Sure, there were the usual gripes at first,” said Lieut. Jack Dreyer of Jackson Heights, Queens. “But what we saw in Europe, especially on the trip some of us took to Berlin, made us realize there was a lot more to this call-up than we had thought. We saw the wall.” Lieutenant Dreyer said the sailors had received a warm reception from the German people, even in East Berlin, which many of them visited while the destroyer was berthed in Hamburg. When their task group sailed from Hamburg, he said, the Elbe riverfront was lined for miles by cheering, waving Germans.


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