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Cowboys Top Rams in Los Angeles Exhibition Game, 17-14

Aug. 8, 1963 - Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry was happy, of course, to beat the Los Angeles Rams, 17-14, in the Times Charity game at the Los Angeles Coliseum today. He was happier at the way it was accomplished. “Overall, our defense was better in this game than any time last season,” he explained. “And that was good to see because defense certainly wasn’t our strong suit in 1962. The secondary won it for us with those two late interceptions (by Cornell Green and Mike Gaechter). Last year, our secondary never did jell. So maybe things will be better for us.” Landry had a few kind words for the Rams, too. “Roman Gabriel? Well, he was hitting with some good throws and showed us he could run, too. I think the Rams will do all right this season.” There were no serious injuries on the Dallas side, although Amos Marsh, Bob Lilly, and Chuck Howley absorbed some bruises. Tomorrow, the Cowboys go home — to engage the champion Green Bay Packers.


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