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Cop Shot, Mobster Nearly Strangled at Brooklyn Restaurant

Aug. 20, 1961 - In Brooklyn last night, Patrolman Melvin Blei, 35 years old, was seriously wounded in the face when he was shot outside of the Sahara Restaurant on Utica Avenue. A hoodlum had been beaten in the bar a few minutes earlier in what appeared to the police to have been an attempted underworld execution. The hoodlum was not seriously injured, but the police said that a rope (pictured in detective's hand) had been placed around his neck. He was identified as Lawrence Gallo (pictured in fedora), 35. The police said he had a record of six arrests since 1951. They said his brother, Joseph "Crazy Joey" Gallo, had a more extensive record. Patrolman Blei was reported to be in serious condition at Kings County Hospital.


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