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Construction Continues on New Mets Stadium

Aug. 14, 1962 - Construction on the New York Mets’ new stadium at Flushing Meadow, Queens, is progressing well, and engineers predict it will surpass the Dodgers’ Chavez Ravine as the most comfortable and modern ballpark in the land. The steel structure is 50% completed and the foundation is almost all in. “Up to now, we haven’t hit any snags,” said Robert Schoenfeld, the project’s resident engineer. “It will stand about 130 feet high and cover about 8 city blocks.” Another big step in the building of the stadium, which is scheduled to be completed by opening day next season, will be taken today. “It will be our biggest pour,” Schoenfeld said. “We’ll be pouring 125 yards of concrete — and that’s a lot of slab.” To provide easy access to every location in the 55,000-seat stadium, 21 runs of escalators in 7 banks will be installed. The stadium will also have two elevators. Those who believe in fitness will be able to walk to their seats on ramps that have only a slight incline. So, it appears that the last-place Mets will be getting a first-class ballpark.#MLB #baseball #OTD #1960s #mets


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