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Comedian's Daughter Dies of Overdose

Jan. 1, 1962 - Barbara Burns (pictured after a 1958 narcotics arrest), 23-year-old daughter of the late Bob Burns, the comedian, died today of her third overdose of barbiturates in six months. She was found unconscious and near death in a Hollywood alley Saturday and never regained consciousness. A narcotics possession charge had been pending against her. Last year, she was reported to be losing her sight. Friends said at the time that she was penniless. Mr. Burns, known for his Ozark humor, died in 1956. Barbara, an aspiring singer, received $20,000 from his estate plus $200 a month until she was 21. At 18, she was arrested and accused of pointing a gun at an acquaintance in a café. A year later, arrested in a Hollywood apartment, she told police she was a narcotics addict. She said an acquaintance supplied her with heroin free for a month until she acquired the habit, then started charging her $15 and $30 a day.


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