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Comedian Lenny Bruce Arrested on Drug Charge

Feb. 23, 1963 - Comedian Lenny Bruce (left), 37, was arrested early today on suspicion of possessing heroin. The so-called “sick” comedian’s arrest came only a few minutes after he arrived in Los Angeles from Chicago. Police stopped the taxi in which he was riding because one of its headlights was out. Officers said they found a gram of heroin in a knotted balloon on the back seat of the cab, along with a number of syringes and bottles of drugs in Bruce’s attaché case. They also said Bruce, of 8825 Hollywood Blvd., had fresh needle marks on his right arm. Bruce said the drugs were prescriptions for an illness. He was released on $2,625 bond at noon. Bruce faces trial March 4 on another narcotics charge and also has court appearances pending for allegedly using obscene language in his nightclub act and for punching a television cameraman.


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