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Comedian Lenny Bruce Arrested in New York

Apr. 4, 1964 - Comedian Lenny Bruce was prevented by the New York police from performing last night at the Café au Go Go, a Greenwich Village coffeehouse at 152 Bleecker Street.

A capacity crowd of 200 was on hand waiting for Bruce to come on stage for his first performance at 10:30 p.m., when he was arrested on a bench warrant on a charge of using obscene language. Howard Solomon, the coffeehouse manager, was also arrested. The two men were taken to the Charles St. Station.

It was announced from the stage that Bruce would not appear, and many patrons received refunds.

Bruce, 38 years old, opened at the coffeehouse last Sunday in his first appearance in New York in several years. He previously had been seen at Basin Street East on the Upper East Side. Bruce has been arrested several times for obscenity in his nightclub act and twice on charges of possession of narcotics.

Earlier in the week, two plainclothesmen made a tape recording of the comedian’s show at the Café au Go Go, police said, and played it for a grand jury. On the basis of the tape, a bench warrant was issued for the arrest. Solomon was charged with permitting an indecent performance.

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