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Colts Top Browns, 36-14, as Injured Jim Brown Held in Check

Oct. 14, 1962 - Jim Brown, the NFL’s rushing leader for the past 5 seasons, was held to a net gain of 11 yards in 14 carries by Baltimore today as the Colts routed the Cleveland Browns, 36-14. Meager as Brown’s yardage was, it still represented more than 50% of the total gained on the ground by Cleveland — 20 yards. Brown, who was playing with a bandage on his left wrist because of an injury suffered last Sunday, fumbled three times. A Cleveland crowd of 80,132 saw the Colts score 23 points before Cleveland managed to make a first down. Johnny Unitas, who is not enjoying one of his better years, was on target today. The Colt quarterback completed 18 of 31 passes for 225 yards and 3 touchdowns.


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