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Coach Vince Lombardi Optimistic His Packers Can Beat Giants in Championship Game

Dec. 28, 1961 - Coach Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers spoke out boldly today on Sunday’s championship game against the New York Giants: “If the field is right, we should win.” He is hoping for a firm but unfrozen field. On that, Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung, the twin spearheads of the powerful Green Bay running attack, and the pile-driving blockers ahead of them, can get full traction. “We’re basically a power-running team, and we don’t want any more than a fair chance to hit out full force and play our game,” said Lombardi. “A frozen or slippery field would favor the Giants because it could give their good pass receivers an extra step’s advantage on our defensive men.” The Packers beat the Giants by 20-17 scores in preseason and regularly scheduled contests this year.


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