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Coach Clyde (Bulldog) Turner Talks Titans ‘62

July 16, 1962 - Clyde (Bulldog) Turner (pictured), the New York Titans’ new football coach, may not have the strongest club in the American Football League next fall, but he hopes to have the most versatile. Turner said today at the Titan training camp in East Stroudsburg, Pa., that he planned to gear his operation around performers who could play more than one position. The Bulldog, who was a Chicago Bears center for 17 years, explained his theory of versatility. “We are allowed to carry only 33 players. I want all of our men in a position to do a lot of work. We have no room for these so-called specialists.” Turner seemed impressed with quarterback Ed (Butch) Songin’s showing on his first day in camp. The former Patriot star was obtained in an off-season trade. “He looks real good,” said the Titan coach. “It looks as though he’s going to fit in just fine.” Club president Harry Wismer says that Coach Turner “will turn out to be the sleeper coach of the year."


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