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Cleveland Browns Have Had Busy Off-Season

June 30, 1962 - The Cleveland Browns have been the most active in making player trades in the NFL for the coming season. They have acquired seven players and traded nine. Cleveland’s biggest deal — and undoubtedly the biggest in the league during the off-season — brought Ernie Davis, an all-American halfback, from the Redskins in exchange for Bobby Mitchell and Leroy Jackson of Southern Illinois. This is the longest period the Browns have played without winning a title, and the fans are restless. There also is the matter of Coach Paul Brown (pictured right with owner Art Modell). It has been hinted that the rest of the NFL has caught up with Brown’s coaching tactics. He’s eager to obtain the personnel to prove his critics wrong. Besides Davis, the players acquired by the Browns were Jim Ninowski, a quarterback; Hopalong Cassady, a halfback; and Bill Glass, a defensive end, all from the Detroit Lions; Tom Franckhauser, a defensive back; Merrill Douglas, a fullback from the Cowboys; and Charley Scales, a halfback from the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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