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Clay Defeats Powell in Three Rounds, As Predicted

Jan. 24, 1963 - Cassius Clay, self-proclaimed “Louisville Lip,” disposed of a former professional football player, Charlie Powell, in 2:04 of the third round in Pittsburgh tonight to fulfill a predicted knockout victory for the 13th time in 14th knockouts. Clay had boasted he would “annihilate” Powell in the third round, and he was true to his word. Teddy Brennan, matchmaker for Madison Square Garden, announced he would sign the third-ranked Clay to a fight with Doug Jones for March 13 in New York. “I would like to fight Jones and Billy Daniels on the same night,” Clay confidently asserted after extending his unbeaten string to 17 straight. “In this way,” he added, “I can make faster progress.” His goal is to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Clay said a “hard right hand” set up Powell for the finish. The punch that put him down for good was a left hook. Powell said a “flurry of punches” near the end of the second round “got me woozy,” and he went down under the barrage in the third. Speaking of the third-round knockout, Clay said, “That’s a sign of a great champion. I shook him with a jab and three left hooks. You can’t make a mistake with me. I’m too fast.”


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