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Churchill to End Political Career

May 1, 1963 - Sir Winston Churchill announced today he would not run again for Parliament. Thus, when the next general election is held not later than October 1964, Sir Winston will close a career of parliamentary service unrivaled in the country’s history. The 88-year-old former Prime Minister said his accident last year in Monte Carlo had greatly decreased his mobility. Sir Winston broke a thigh bone on June 28, 1962. Sir Winston is the “Father” of Commons, with the longest continuous service — since 1924. He first entered the House in 1900 but was out of it for 2 years after the Coalition Government of Lloyd George broke up in 1922. In 1940, he became Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, and Minister of Defense. He held the reins of the country through the war years, the most critical days Britain had faced in its long history. He was knighted in 1953.


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