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Chicago Mayor Daley Wins Third Term

Apr. 2, 1963 - Mayor Richard J. Daley won a third term today, but his margin was the narrowest in recent years. Unofficial returns gave the Mayor 581,716 votes to 476,126 for his Republican opponent, Benjamin S. Adamowski. The Mayor, who is the last of the big city Democratic bosses and who ran with the endorsement of President Kennedy, trailed his running mates, who won by two-to-one margins. Four years ago, Mayor Daley won his second term by beating Timothy P. Sheehan three-to-one. The Mayor received a telegram from President Kennedy this evening that said, “Good luck all the way.” The President came to Chicago last month to make a speech on the need for his tax bill and to endorse the Mayor. The reduction in the Mayor’s victory margin could have repercussions on the 1964 Presidential election. In 1960, President Kennedy won Illinois by fewer than 9,000 votes and was in dire need of the edge provided by the Chicago machine.


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