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Chargers Coach Gillman Jubilant

Jan. 5, 1964 - Coach Sid Gillman, jubilant and joking, declared his San Diego Chargers “the universal champions” today after they had won their first AFL title by routing the Boston Patriots, 51-10. “Do you think it would be a contest if you played the NFL champion?” he was asked. “I definitely think it would be a contest,” Gillman said. “We have some great teams in this league, and they have some great teams in theirs.” Keith Lincoln, the Charger fullback who gained 349 yards today, astonished his listeners by saying: “I didn’t feel real good there early in the game.” “My legs sort of went out after I made those first couple of runs,” Lincoln said. “The heat got me. I just didn’t seem to have life in my legs. I felt I might have trouble running the 100 as fast as Ernie Ladd” — the 320-pound San Diego lineman. Gillman, with a football in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other, said the team had not given him the game ball. “We’ll look at the game movies,” he said, “and then give the ball to somebody.”

In the subdued Boston dressing room, Mike Holovak, the Patriot coach, said the Chargers “were a great football club today, that’s all. They were better prepared,” he said. “Give them all the credit in the world, and give me hell for not getting ‘em ready. I thought we were ready.” The quiet Patriots and their soft-spoken coach offered no excuses. “It was embarrassing,” said halfback Ron Burton, “but we shouldn’t feel too bad. We played a good ball club.” Burton said: “They could beat anybody today — and I mean anybody.” Bob Dee, Boston defensive end, praised Lincoln. “Lincoln is the best back in the league — bar none,” said Dee. “About five of us hit him and couldn’t bring him down.”


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