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Cepeda Gets Small Raise from Giants

Mar. 12, 1963 - Orlando Cepeda (right with Willie Mays and Gaylord Perry) talked the National League champion San Francisco Giants into a token raise of $1,000 today and ended his holdout by agreeing to a $47,500 contract for 1963. “Since the demand for a raise was a big matter of pride with Cepeda,” said Giants vice president Chub Feeney, “Mr. Stoneham [Giants owner] agreed to give him the small raise.” Cepeda had said he would remain at home indefinitely unless given a salary boost. Last year, he held out until given a $16,500 raise. That time he had league-leading figures of 46 home runs and 142 RBIs with which to argue. In 1962, his output slipped to 35 homers and 114 RBIs, and his batting average also dipped slightly. The Giants management voiced particular dissatisfaction with his slump the last two months of the season. Manager Alvin Dark said before spring training that Cepeda “should hit .340 or .350. Why, .310 or .315 is a mediocre year for a fellow like Orlando — that’s what I think of him as a hitter.” A year-round diet of baseball was blamed by some for his slump, so for the first time in six years Cepeda did not play this winter. Feeney said he is still negotiating with his other holdout, pitcher Juan Marichal.

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