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CBS Will Have Major Share of Football Games this Season

Sept. 1, 1962 - Next Sunday, Sept. 9, television will carry the first of many football games, college and professional, to be seen between now and January. All telecasts of American Football League games will be presented by ABC, beginning next Sunday with a game between the New York Titans and the Oakland Raiders. CBS will have the major share of football games on television this season, covering NCAA contests on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday. College games had been televised for the last two years by ABC. This year, CBS, eager to build up its sports programming, far outbid ABC and NBC for college-game rights in 1962 and 1963. The University of Miami will meet the University of Pittsburgh in the first college game to be televised by CBS, on Sept. 15. The next day, the first pro game between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns will be presented in New York over Channel 2.


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