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CBS-TV’s “East Side/West Side” Could Be Dropped Next Season

Jan. 9, 1964 - A campaign to elicit favorable notices from prominent Americans has been started by “East Side/West Side,” the television series about a New York City social worker, to convince T.V. executives of its worth. David Susskind, executive producer of the series that stars George C. Scott, said that letters had been sent to 150 Government officials, newspaper editors, and other prominent people who might express an opinion with authority. The letters asked if the persons had seen the series and would they comment on it. One response came from Newton Minow, former chairman of the F.C.C., who wrote: “The uncompromising way you face tough, hard situations is like a fresh breeze.”

Mr. Susskind said he would present the comments to CBS, which televises the show. He emphasized that the series was doing well and was not threatened with extinction. However, it has not yet been renewed for next season, and this is the season for next-season jockeying. One network executive said that such a letter-soliciting strategy might cause a network to take a second look at a program, but “once a producer gets a pink slip, it’s unlikely they can do much to change things.”


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