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CBS Signs Streisand to TV Contract

June 22, 1964 - CBS announced today that Barbra Streisand (pictured with husband Elliot Gould), star of the Broadway musical “Funny Girl,” had been signed to a television contract “in excess of 10 years.” It said she would appear on a special one-hour show each year and that a weekly series might be developed for her.

The first special show will be televised next season, according to Michael Dann, vice president of programs for CBS-TV. He said the special shows might be comedy, variety, or musical drama.

Miss Streisand, 22 years old, has been a guest on television shows but has never had a contract. Appearances by the singer and comedienne in nightclubs and in the Broadway musical, “I Can Get It for You Wholesale,” stimulated interest by television networks. This interest was heightened after the opening of “Funny Girl” last March.

Miss Streisand’s exclusive contract with CBS becomes effective Sept. 1. It is understood she will be guaranteed $100,000 annually.

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