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Cassius Clay: Powell Must “Go In Three”

Jan. 23, 1963 - “So you people will believe in me, Powell must now go in three.” So reads the latest entry in the verse anthology of Cassius Clay (pictured), the fighting poet, who is unbeaten in 16 boxing bouts and, he says, in 12 predictions. Clay delivered his rhyme today in Pittsburgh as he neared the end of training for his 10-round heavyweight match with Charley Powell Friday night. The 21-year-old fighter from Louisville originally predicted Powell would fall in five rounds but, as sometimes has been his style, he switched plans. Powell did not comment on Clay’s new plans, but he did say he would not help pay Cassius’ plane fare out of the country if the bout ends in an upset. Clay, a 4-1 favorite, has promised he will take the first jet out of the country if his prediction is proved wrong. As Cassius wound up his work today, he offered his fans some advice: “Get there early.”


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