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Casey Stengel Expounds on the Spitball

Nov. 23, 1961 - New York Mets manager Casey Stengel said today he couldn’t see what all the fuss was about the spitball. “If the pitchers think it will help them, I say let them use it,” said Casey. “Heaven knows, my pitchers will need all the help they can get.” Casey was referring to the odd assortment of hurlers the Mets were able to select from the National League grab bag last month. “Ralph Houk says it’s a dangerous pitch,” continued Casey. “Well, I hit against the best 50 years ago and I didn’t see anything dangerous about it except that us hitters didn’t hit it so good. It certainly didn’t hurt the pitchers. Many’s the spitballer who pitched until past 40. Jack Quinn was 49 when his spitter finally dried up on him.”


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