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Cary Grant Joins RFK to Plug Dropout Drive

Sept. 20, 1963 - A graying Englishman born Archibald Alexander Leach fluttered the hearts of government ladies, brought squeals from Negro girl students, and kept Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy from his desk for a couple of hours today. This happened when the 59-year-old visitor, better known as actor Cary Grant, came to Washington to plug a drive for funds to get school dropouts off the streets and back into classrooms. The school visited was one of the city’s older and more overcrowded ones in a rundown area with a high record of illiteracy and delinquency. The teachers tried to keep classes going and students from crowding their visitors too close. But the Attorney General moved in, shaking hands with one and all while Grant smiled and was “very pleased to know all of you.” In the cafeteria, Kennedy shook hands all down the line of luncheon eaters, and Grant greeted all within hearing. Then the two men drove to a graveyard for abandoned automobiles, site of a planned model playground, and then on to headquarters of the stay-in-school group of which Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy is honorary chairman and Mrs. Ethel Kennedy is co-chairman.


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