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Cars: Ambassador Remains Rambler's Top-of-the-Line Offering in '62

Aug. 25, 1961 - Engineering and mechanical changes rather than sharp restyling mark the 1962 Ramblers. The changes, American Motors officials said today, are keyed to the basic premise of "more usefulness for the user combined with increased reliability and safety." Eight inches have been sliced from the big Ambassador, but that model continues as the top-of-the-line offering, with plush interiors, substantial ornamental trim, and a cast-iron V-8 engine. The under-the-skin changes include a new safety feature, a double brake arrangement. There are separate hydraulic systems for front and rear brakes. If one set of the self-adjusting brakes should fail, the other set will operate. The double brake will also appear on the luxury Cadillac in 1962.


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