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Carroll Baker Goes Nude in “The Carpetbaggers”

June 26, 1963 - Actress Carroll Baker, dressed in nothing but a blush, banned all but her cameraman and director from the opening scene of her new film. Miss Baker, 32, plays it in the nude. She was a little nervous. Only director Edward Dmytryk and cameraman Joe MacDonald were permitted to watch today. But a film clip slipped from the Paramount set showed she had nothing to worry about. As one technician said: “It’s a view any woman could be proud of.” Miss Baker, who plays Hollywood sex symbol Rina Marlow in “The Carpetbaggers,” said later: “Film players are called upon to do many things for the sake of realism. And if it’s a vital and integral part of the story, actors should live their parts to the best of their ability.” The scene calls for Miss Baker to emerge nude from a bath, walk into her dressing room, sit down — with her back to the audience — and pretty up her face in the mirror. She hears footsteps, think it’s her maid, and calls for her robe. It arrives, an Edith Head creation of platinum white satin and feathers. But it is draped around her shoulders by actor George Peppard, who plays a tycoon.


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