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Carol Burnett's Career is Booming

Nov. 12, 1961 - The career of TV comedienne Carol Burnett seems to be booming. She will star in an episode of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” that will be filmed in January; an hour-long special with Julie Andrews is pending for March, and a 90-minute musical, “Calamity Jane,” is under development. “I don’t know what role I will play on ‘Twilight Zone,’” Miss Burnett said last week. “I hope they make me real scary. I love those weird stories. Rod said that if I read any story that tingles my spine to let him know so he can adapt it for TV.” As for “Calamity Jane,” Miss Burnett declared, “You know, there was once a real person called Calamity Jane. She wasn’t very good-looking, but I’m not either.”


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