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Cards Top Cubs, 8-3

Sept. 12, 1963 - Losing four out of five to the Cardinals this season has made a believer of Cub righthander Larry Jackson (pictured). Even though the Redbirds still trail league-leading Los Angeles by three games, Jackson picks his former teammates to win the National League pennant. Before his 8-3 loss to the Cards today, Jackson was witness to three shutout defeats for his Cubs at the hands of the Birds this week. And Larry knows all about the Cardinals’ six-game win streak and a hot stretch of 15 victories in their last 16 games. “The Cardinals have the great momentum and Los Angeles has to be looking over its shoulder, has to be sweating,” Jackson said. “The Cardinals have four or five hot bats and real good pitching. They can’t do anything wrong.” Jackson disagrees with those who forecast three sure victories for the Dodgers over the Mets. “The Mets are playing good ball,” Jackson said. “If the Cardinals continue to play well and relaxed, they ought to win at least two of their three with the Dodgers next week.” Jackson pointed to Curt Flood and Dick Groat as “the men who have been making the offensive move.” Ernie Broglio snuffed out the Cubs this afternoon after giving up the first Chicago runs of the series, snapping a 36-inning scoreless streak by the St. Louis mound staff. The triumph cut L.A.’s lead to 2½ games, but the Dodgers restored the margin to three by beating the Pirates. “It’s a shame we havent’ gained more than we have after winning 15 out of 16,” said St. Louis third baseman Ken Boyer. “All we can do is keep winning and hope. It seems like we’ve been doing that half a year already.”


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