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Cardinals Shut Out Cubs, 6-0, on Simmons’ Six-Hitter

Sept. 9, 1963 - “He looked like he tasted World Series money the way he was bearing down,” Ron Santo was saying about Curt Simmons (pictured). Santo, the Cubs’ third baseman who has been having a big season with the bat, had just gone hitless against Simmons tonight at Busch Stadium as the Cardinals crept within three games of the National League-leading Dodgers by winning, 6-0. The Dodgers had a day off. “That’s the best I’ve seen Simmons,” Santo said. Santo has been a witness to more than a few top performances by Simmons, for Curt has not lost to the Cubs since 1958. He has beaten them seven times since then. Tonight, he pitched a five-hitter for the Cards’ third straight victory and twelfth in their last 13 games. Simmons, helped by the three RBIs that put Bill White over the 100 mark for the second straight year, lifted his record to 14-7. “I’m having as good a year as in 1955 when I was 15-10,” said Simmons, who has a good shot at matching his season peak of 17 victories. Curt won 17 in 1950, the year he helped pitch Philadelphia to a pennant but had to miss part of the season and all of the World Series because he was in the Army. “That’s your ambition — to win a pennant,” Simmons said today. “I got my money from the 1950 World Series, but I’d like to pitch in one.” Simmons has pitched with only three days rest his last two times out. “I’d like to give Curt four days rest, but we’re down to the point where we can’t give anyone anything,” manager Johnny Keane said. With the next open date eight days away, Keane is bringing Bob Gibson back tomorrow night with three days rest.


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