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California Psychiatrists Issue Warning on LSD “Mind Drug”

Dec. 12, 1962 - Alarmed by the increasing use of a hallucinatory drug, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), by unqualified persons and at “parties” at which the drug is taken for “kicks,” the Southern California Psychiatric Society (SCPS) has called for its ban except under special circumstances. LSD has been used in psychiatric research on test subjects (pictured) to learn more about certain types of mental illness. It produces weird illusions and gives some persons a deep aesthetic or “religious” experience. The SCPS report expresses concern that large quantities of the drug labeled “for investigational use only” have gotten into the hands of non-medical practitioners, sometimes through physicians acting as their agents. Non-psychiatrist physicians, osteopaths, psychologists, and even laymen are using LSD in their practice, according to the SCPS. The report draws attention to “the abrupt, explosive, depressive states occurring from the use of this drug that may result in suicide.” “The precipitation of schizophrenic reactions, bizarre behavior, acting out, and the frequent use of this drug by sociopaths for ‘kicks’ are evidence of its dangers when used under uncontrolled conditions,” the report states.


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