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Café Society Embraces “The Twist”

Oct. 19, 1961 - Café society, having ignored rock ’n’ roll for years, has suddenly embraced the teenage craze. The elite of the social set and celebrities of show business have discovered the Twist, performed to rock ’n’ roll, and are wallowing in it like converts to a new brand of voodoo. The Twist, stemming from a dance called the Madison that erupted a number of years ago in Philadelphia, is a shoulder-shaking, hip-swiveling step in which the partners synchronize their movements but do not touch. Hank Ballard, a singer, recorded a song called “The Twist” five years ago. Its fame was spread by Chubby Checker (pictured right), a 19-year-old singer, who has been plugging the song and the dance across the country.


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