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Burnett Declines Offer of Hour-Long Weekly Program

Aug. 26, 1962 - Carol Burnett (pictured with Richard Chamberlain), the comedienne who resigned from the Garry Moore show last season, declined an offer last week to star on an hour-long weekly program on NBC-TV during the 1963-64 season. “I was concerned about over-exposure,” said Miss Burnett in Las Vegas, where she is appearing at the Sands Hotel. “I don’t think I have had enough experience to be the star of a weekly television program. I really want to do something on Broadway.” For the 1962-63 television season, Miss Burnett is scheduled to make a guest appearance on the Jack Benny show on CBS and at least four visits to Mr. Moore’s show. She also will star in “Calamity Jane,” a 90-minute musical comedy on CBS.#tv #classictv #1960s #classictvshow #comedy

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