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Buick Shows Off New Wagons

Feb. 5, 1964 - The Buick and Oldsmobile divisions of General Motors came out today with new station wagons styled like railroad dome cars. The innovation marks the first major change in automotive wagon design since that type of vehicle originated 40 years ago. The wagons, which will go into dealer’s showrooms on Feb. 20, feature a panoramic tinted-glass roof over the second seat with curved glass along the sides to the rear. As a result, there is upward as well as side visibility for second-seat and third-seat passengers, a design calculated to appeal to families with young children. The new roof was designed so that the third seat can face forward with adequate headroom for occupants. In models with a third seat, the second seat can be pushed forward for easier access to the rear. The cars have V-8 cast-iron engines of 230 horsepower for Olds and 210 for Buick as standard equipment, with higher horsepower engines available at extra cost.

The Buick wagons range in basic list price from $2,989 to $3,268, and the Olds from $2,938 to $3,270.


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