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Browns’ New Coach Gives News Conference

Jan. 17, 1963 - Blanton Collier (pictured), the Cleveland Browns’ new head coach, answered questions yesterday at a press conference lasting nearly an hour. Asked about a statement by Arthur Modell, the Browns’ president, that Modell had fired Paul Brown because of a budding player rebellion, Collier said, “I had no indication of it. I was too busy with my own duties as offensive backfield coach.” Modell said that seven key players had threatened to retire prematurely “unless a change was made.” Collier said he will continue to use “basically the Browns’ system with a few ideas of my own thrown in.” He also said he planned to have the quarterback call most of the plays. Brown was severely criticized for refusing to allow his quarterbacks to call the plays. Asked whether the halfback, Ernie Davis, would play next season, Collier said the decision will be made “at the proper time by the doctors.” Davis, former Syracuse All-American obtained from Washington for Bobby Mitchell, was sidelined by leukemia during the first part of the 1962 season. Doctors announced midway through the season that the disease was in remission, but Brown declined to put Davis on the active list.


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