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Brown Going for Sixth Straight NFL Rushing Title

Sept. 24, 1962 - Jim Brown (pictured playing against the Redskins yesterday), the Cleveland Browns’ fullback, is off to a fine start in his bid to win the NFL’s rushing title for a record sixth straight year. Brown is showing the way with 222 yards in 37 carries for a 6-yard average. Last year, Brown picked up 1,408 yards in 305 tries. Jim Taylor of the champion Green Bay Packers, the runner-up to Brown last season, is in second position with 197 yards in 40 attempts for an average of 4.9. Milt Plum, the former Browns’ quarterback who now performs for the Detroit Lions, is the pacesetter among the passers. Plum has completed 37 aerials in 52 attempts for 523 yards. Plum won the passing crown last year as a Brown. In the receiving department, Terry Barr of the Lions and the agile Tim Brown of the Eagles share the lead. Each has received 12 passes for 185 yards. The scoring leader is Paul Hornung, Green Bay. 1961’s top scorer has 4 touchdowns, 6 extra points, and 3 field goals for 39 points.


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