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Brooklyn Hoods Face Wrath of Government and Underworld for Attack on FBI Man

Apr. 4, 1963 - Four Brooklyn hoodlums accused of attacking and stomping an FBI agent outside a church just before the funeral of Carmello Lombardozzi, father of Mafia chieftain Carmine Lombardozzi, faced double-barreled wrath today. On orders from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, fellow agents of the injured man — 41-year-old John P. Foley — probed the attack in depth. They would have done so anyway. FBI agents do not forget an assault on those in their ranks. Equally aggrieved were entrenched members of the underworld. Traditionally, old-line mobsters have shied away from violence against police, local or federal. It is bad for business. It brings a crackdown. Said one mobster today: “Those clowns are safer in jail than they would be on the street. Out here, they would get their lumps good.” He referred to John Lombardozzi (second from right), 37, a brother of Carmine Lombardozzi and the reputed sparkplug of the assault on Agent Foley on Wednesday outside Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Brooklyn. The other three assailants were Camillo Lombardozzi, Daniel Marino, and Joseph Zampello, all of Brooklyn. The four remained in the Federal House of Detention in default of $100,000 bail on a felony charge of assaulting a federal officer. Yesterday, Agent Foley underwent two hours of surgery for a depressed skull fracture in New York Hospital. The hospital reported him resting comfortably and in satisfactory condition.


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