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Brock Peters Signed for Leading Role in “The Pawnbroker”

Sept. 23, 1963 - Brock Peters (left) has been signed for a leading role with Rod Steiger (right) in “The Pawnbroker,” which starts shooting in New York early next month. The actor, who recently appeared in “The L-Shaped Room” and “To Kill a Mockingbird,” will portray a homosexual pimp. “The Pawnbroker” tells the story of a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp (Steiger) whose spiritual "death" in the camps causes him to bury himself in the most dismal location that he can find: working as a pawnbroker in a slum in upper Manhattan. Director Sidney Lumet said recently: “The irony of the film is that Sol finds more life here than anywhere. It's outside Harlem, in housing projects, office buildings, even the Long Island suburbs that he lives, all of which we show on the screen — that everything is conformist, sterile, dead.”


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