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Broadway Actor Flees the Country

June 4, 1962 - Jon Voight (pictured), a young actor who took off last Saturday for Greece, where his wife is making a film, caused the producers of a Broadway musical hit some anxious moments today. Mr. Voight’s departure came to light when Herman Bernstein, general manager of “The Sound of Music,” received a letter from the 23-year-old actor, who plays the role of the young Nazi in the show. “By the time you receive this letter, I’ll be in Greece,” Mr. Voight wrote. The actor, it was explained, had sped by plane to Greece to visit his wife, Lauri Peters, after having been notified by his draft board that he might be inducted Thursday. His contract with “The Sound of Music” expires on June 15. Eddie Blum, the casting director of the musical, said today he wasn’t sure whether the producers would file charges of breach of contract with Actors Equity against the absent-without-leave actor. “We kind of feel sorry for him,” he said. Mr. Blum added that Mr. Voight had married the 19-year-old Miss Peters about a month ago. She originally played one of the seven Trapp children in the show. Dan Ferrone, understudy, will step into the vacated part tonight.


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