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Boxing: Sonny Liston Destroys Albert Westphal, First-Round KO

Dec. 5, 1961 - In Philadelphia last night, heavyweight Sonny Liston knocked out Albert Westphal in the first round. A right-handed blow caught the 5-foot-7-inch German on the left temple. Down like a sandbag he fell, flat on his face. He lay there — and lay there and lay there. They could have counted 50 over him. When Westphal finally was revived, he was in no shape even to be helped to his corner. They brought the stool to the middle of the ring and he sat there, looking through glazed blue eyes at an unsmiling Sonny Liston. Liston thus registered his 23rd knockout in 34 fights. He has been beaten only once since he started his career eight years ago.


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