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Bob Kennedy, Cub Manager, Predicts Durocher to Replace Alston as Dodger Skipper

Apr. 21, 1963 - Bob Kennedy (pictured), “head coach” of the managerless Chicago Cubs, predicted yesterday that the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 9-6 loss to the Houston Colt .45s would cost Dodger manager Walter Alston his job. In the clubhouse following the Cubs’ 4-0 conquest of San Francisco — Giant southpaw Billy Pierce’s first loss ever at Candlestick Park — Kennedy, some of the Cub players, and a few sportswriters were discussing the fact that, at the moment, Houston was leading the stumbling Dodgers. “I’ll tell you one thing,” Kennedy said. “The Dodgers lose today and Leo Durocher’s the manager tomorrow.” The Cubs took a series from the Dodgers in Los Angeles before coming into San Francisco. Kennedy was asked if the Dodger managerial situation was really so tense as all that. “Not openly,” he replied, “but it’s tense all right.” Dodger owner Walter O’Malley, reached at his mountain retreat at Lake Arrowhead, said, “Kennedy’s remarks are not worth commenting on. Did Alston hit or field for us today? Maybe we’d better make this Kennedy the general manager of our club. He knows more than [Dodger general manager] Bavasi does — or anyone else.” Bavasi, a strong booster for Alston in past crises, angrily shot down Kennedy’s prediction. “You can’t print what I’d say about Kennedy,” he declared. “He had to double-cross everyone to get that job in Chicago. Now, he’s stabbing Alston in the back just like he did those nine other coaches over there. If Durocher isn’t managing the Dodgers Sunday, that makes a liar of Kennedy.”


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