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Bo Belinsky Breaks Engagement with Mamie Van Doren

June 23, 1963 - Pitcher Bo Belinsky (pictured right in April) balked at marriage today and shut out actress Mamie Van Doren (left). “I told her last night I couldn’t marry her, for reasons which I cannot disclose now,” Belinsky said. He said he had no more to say, other than that Mamie was “somewhat upset by the whole thing.” Miss Van Doren was appearing in a show in New Jersey, but reportedly had called her mother to report the bust-up of the engagement. Only 10 days ago, Bo refused to do the twist in a Hollywood nightclub with Vikki “The Back” Dougan, movie starlet. At the time, he said: “Mamie would kill me if she found out. And I love that girl.” Although he didn’t say so today, Belinsky is in no position to support an actress in the style to which they soon become accustomed. The playboy southpaw (1-7) was farmed out by the Los Angeles Angels to Hawaii. Bo refused to report. The Angels asked league officials to put him off salary on the disqualified list. They did. He was going to co-star with Mamie in a move called “Pirate Woman.” That, like Belinsky, is probably benched too.


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