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Blood-Smeared Dick the Bruiser Pins Alex Karras in Grudge Match

Apr. 27, 1963 - Dick the Bruiser, his face blood-smeared, won his grudge wrestling match with suspended Detroit Lions football star Alex Karras tonight on a pin after 11 minutes 21 seconds. The Bruiser, who took a beating in the early going, surprised Karras when he jumped off the top rope and knocked him down. The Bruiser slammed Karras down for the three count with a body press. The 25-pound Karras tossed the Bruiser out of the ring three times and smashed open a wound over the Bruiser’s right eye so that both wrestlers were smeared with blood at the end. Their meeting has been building up since last Tuesday when the Bruiser invaded Karras’s saloon in downtown Detroit and the two battled in a barroom brawl.


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