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Blanton Collier Named Coach of Cleveland Browns

Jan. 16, 1963 - Blanton Collier (pictured left with Jim Brown) was named head coach of the Cleveland Browns today, moving up to succeed his longtime friend, Paul Brown, who was fired last week. Collier rebounded into a top post a little more than a year after being fired by the University of Kentucky. The Browns’ president, Arthur Modell, announced Collier had signed a three-year contract. He will reportedly receive $35,000 a year. Collier becomes only the second head coach in the 17-year history of the team. Brown had served both as head coach and general manager since the club was organized in 1946. Collier, 56, offensive backfield coach, said he agreed to succeed Brown, “the man who gave me my start in professional football,” only after careful thought and “with emotions so conflicting that I find them most difficult to explain.” “I was offered the job last Sunday,” Collier added, “and I immediately contacted Paul. He told me, ‘You must accept the job. You have your family to think of. I understand.’” Collier said he signed a contract late yesterday.


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