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Blake Edwards' New Company To Produce "The Pink Panther"

June 14, 1962 - Formation of an independent film company, G. and E. Productions, has been announced by Blake Edwards and Martyn Jurow, partners in the enterprise. They also disclosed plans for the organization’s first few projects. The initial film, beginning in November, will be “The Pink Panther,” a comedy starring David Niven (pictured right with Peter Sellers) to be made in Switzerland and France for the Mirisch Company and United Artists release. Afterward, “The Great Race,” a comedy-adventure, will be shot on the West Coast, with some location backgrounds photographed in Europe and the far East. Jack Lemmon is the first star signed for the film, which will depict the first New York-to-Paris automobile race in 1908. Third on the G. and E. roster is “Soldier in the Rain,” co-starring Jackie Gleason and Steve McQueen. Production should begin next June with Mr. McQueen’s own company.


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