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Black Hawks Take 3-2 Edge in NHL Semifinal

Apr. 5, 1964 - The Detroit Red Wings were screaming bloody murder over a disputed goal which enabled the Black Hawks to score a 3-2 victory tonight before 16,585 screaming fans at Chicago Stadium in their semifinal Stanley Cup series. The goals came at 5:25 of the final period, 13 seconds after Detroit had taken a 2-1 lead on Andre Pronovost’s goal and some 10 minutes before Stan Mikita scored the winning goal to give the Hawks a 3-2 edge in the best-of-seven series.

Kenny Wharram (left) was credited with the goal, but goal judge Grant Easson of Toronto didn’t signal the red light for several seconds. Then, referee Frank Udvari twice conferred with Easson and his linesmen before allowing the goal.

Detroit goalie Roger Crozier said: “Wharram put it in after Udvari had blown the whistle,” and Detroit defenseman maintained the whistle had blown and the goal was not in the net.

“I couldn’t believe it when he gave them that goal!” screamed Gadsby. “If you’re going to get beat, O.K., but not that way. I let up when the whistle blew. You think we’d let up if the whistle hadn’t blown? I don’t know how the puck got in the net, but it wasn’t in when he blew the whistle.”

Sid Abel, Detroit coach, was also screaming. “What right does Udvari have to go out and talk to the goal judge?” he demanded. “What was Udvari asking the goal judge? Was Udvari asking him if he’d blown the whistle? All I can say is — nuts.”

Wharram said he first backhanded the shot and missed and then went after the goal and backhanded it again.

“It hit Crozier’s pads and went in. I didn’t hear any whistle.”

The Hawk coach also said he didn’t hear any whistle.

“Kenny’s shot hit Crozier and went in. That’s all. I don’t know what the fuss is about.”

Easson said the puck was over the line. “Udvari asked me if it went in, and I said yes. I signaled the light the first time, and when there seemed to be confusion, I signaled again.”

Said Udvari: “I asked the goal judge if it had gone in and then conferred with the linesmen. It’s all part of the rules.”

The third Hawk goal was scored by Bobby Hull. Beside Pronovost, Gordie Howe scored for the Wings.

The series now moves to Detroit for the sixth game Tuesday night.

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