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Black Hawks Eliminated, Red Wings Move On to Face Leafs in NHL Final

Apr. 7, 1963 - Bobby Hull's three goals were not enough. The Golden Jet's pass to Eric Nesterenko's stick for a fourth goal was not enough. The Black Hawks of Chicago just did not have enough of anything tonight, and they went down to defeat for the fourth time in a row before the persistent Red Wings who, again led by the great Gordie Howe (pictured), moved into the Stanley Cup finals with a 7-4 triumph at Detroit’s Olympia Stadium. The Red Wings now move against the defending champion Toronto Maple Leafs for the world championship of professional hockey. The Hawks went into the final period tonight tied at 4-4, only to collapse under a 3-goal onslaught by Detroit. Hull, saddled with injuries and somewhat lethargic teammates, battled down to the wire, and even drew the plaudits of the 13,884 partisan spectators in Detroit tonight when he scored his third goal for the hat trick. But tonight, the Golden Jet was not enough. The Hawk defense seemed unable to clear the puck away from Chicago goalie Glenn Hall, who tried valiantly to uphold his newly won Vezina cup honors as the NHL's No. 1 netminder. Hall had to contend with 244 shots in this series — one of which he stopped tonight with his upper lip for 15 stitches. Terry Sawchuk, Detroit goalie, handled 167 shots.


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