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Birthday Time for President’s Children

Nov. 24, 1962 - It’s birthday time for the President’s children. John Jr. turns 2 years old tomorrow, and Caroline will be 5 on Tuesday. This weekend, the White House released two photographs of the children. One (pictured) shows President Kennedy leaning forward in his chair clapping in time while Caroline and John Jr. whirl on their toes on the green rug in the oval office. The other photograph was taken at the Kennedys’ leased country home, Glen Ora, at Middleburg, Va. It shows Mrs. Kennedy holding John Jr. on her Pakistani horse, Sardar. Beside her is Caroline on her pony, Macaroni. John Jr. is, according to a White House aide, a little boy who “loves to dance and sing.” Pamela Turnure, Mrs. Kennedy’s press secretary, has described him as “very active with an inquiring nature.” The President’s nickname for his son is “John-John,” and for his daughter it is “Buttons.”


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