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Billy Graham Preaches to Largest Crowd of L.A. Crusade

Aug. 23, 1963 - Evangelist Billy Graham preached to the largest crowd of his Los Angeles crusade yesterday, a congregation at Memorial Coliseum that boosted total attendance past a quarter million. The gate count was 47,655. The total for seven meetings held thus far was given as 258,158. With many young people in the audience, Mr. Graham asserted yesterday that juvenile delinquency is as likely to stem from overprivilege as underprivilege. “We are inclined to think teenage violence and delinquency occur in the underprivileged areas,” he said. “Los Angeles Police Chief William H. Parker, however, says this: ‘It is the overprivileged child who is causing us the most trouble in Los Angeles. He is being given so much in the way of material things that he has gone haywire looking for new satisfactions.”


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