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Bill Skowron’s Wife Denies Infidelity

Mar. 11, 1963 - Virginia Skowron (right), 29, denied today that her baseball star husband, Bill (Moose) Skowron (left), found her in a compromising position with a gentleman friend when he came home from spring training for a surprise visit. “This is what made him so angry,” she said. “He came back Saturday night expecting to find us in a compromising position, and he did not. A detective with him took pictures, and the pictures will show this. He found two people dressed and asleep, one on the couch and one on the floor far away — so far you couldn’t get both of us in the same picture. I made one mistake — I didn’t have my dress on.” Skowron, former Yankee first baseman who was traded to the Dodgers, allegedly found his wife with Robert S. Jenco, 23, of Saddle River, N.J., Sunday morning. He filed criminal adultery charges against his wife and Jenco. Mrs. Skowron charged her husband and the detective with him, Mat Donahue, with assault and battery. Mrs. Skowron charged that her husband struck her and began slugging Jenco while he was still asleep on the couch. “This is not the first time I’ve been knocked around, but it is the first time Bill has been arrested for it,” she said. Skowron returned to Dodgers’ spring training camp at Vero Beach, Fla., today. Mrs. Skowron said she didn’t know what the next step in their marital troubles would be, but added: “I only hope that my husband has a good season.”


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